LabelSol :

iPharMed simplify the labelling problems for life science companies through new and innovative artificial intelligence software called LabelSol. This is unique combination of both Human and Machine who can give more productive with little time with 100% regulatory compliance.

LabelSol helps your organization stay compliant, reduce time in exchanging information with regional and global offices, and speed up time to market. A defined artificial intelligence labelling tool will be ensuring clear understanding of mandatory requirements of compliance. LabelSol tool helps you achieve efficient communication between regulatory intelligence teams and regulatory operations.

Country Specific Intelligence

Structured regulatory intelligence information based on country, product type etc.

Real-Time Notifications

Notifications when new regulatory information or documents are uploaded or when tasks are assigned


Labelsol allows system to gather impacts assessments for new label updates or guidelines so that you can effectively make the required updates as per the timelines.

Benefits Of LabelSol :

  • Proactive approach to navigating Regulatory Intelligence ensuring compliance and timeliness
  • Efficient communication within the platform between Regulatory, Artwork and operations teams
  • Concrete information available for planning ahead on distribution and supply chain management
  • Clear understanding of mandatory requirements due to defined process
  • Various outputs (checklists, impact analysis) made possible by converting Regulatory intelligence knowledge into reusable, structured information

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