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Oct 2014, 25
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Jan 2014, 29
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Jan 2014, 27
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Nov 2011, 28
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MedAssist QuickList iPhone App Launch
Jun 2011, 02
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Software Products

MedAssist QuickList is a personal medication record that is easy to update and simple to use.  Never again will patients forget what medicines they are taking or why they are taking it!

HEALTHCARE CONNECT! Create a better connection with your primary care providers when you are away from the health care system. Review Calendar of events, submit feedback, look at videos and healthcare news created by your primary healthcare team.


Demo Video 2.x:




Kids MedTracker is an application which allows parents to track medicine given to children.  Long gone are the days of wondering "Did I give Johnny his antibiotic this morning?"   Kids MedTracker allows you to follow your children's medications without the hassle of remembering the last dose given. Enter the child's name, drug and dose and let the MedTracker do the rest.