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Oct 2014, 25
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Jan 2014, 29
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Jan 2014, 27
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Nov 2011, 28
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MedAssist QuickList iPhone App Launch
Jun 2011, 02
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MedAssist QuickList  is a hybrid between a business card and a personal medication record.  This product was created to become a universal medication record because people do not always know the names of their medications and often do not keep any reference to remember them.


MedAssist Kids MedTracker is a paper dosing calendar, which allows parents to track medicine given to children.  This product prevents double dosing, overdosing and missed doses.  Parents no longer have to keep track of their kids medicine on a loose piece of paper.  The MedAssist MedTracker can fit on top of a medicine bottle for easy placement and access, to ensure that the proper dose is given every time.