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Mobile Healthcare Competition

 Teenagers with cancer often report feelings of

isolation, bitterness, confusion, pain, and fear as they struggle through a life-threatening
disease before their lives have taken full shape.
Despite these very real challenges, many teens with cancer find their needs unmet.
A 2009 study out of Sydney reported that most teens with cancer have an average
of 15 unmet needs, which range from basic failings in provided care to unaddressed
psychological distress.
“CanTeen’s own research shows that the needs of young people who have, or
have had cancer, often go unmet. Information, emotional and psychological issues
and relationship support are some of the most significant needs that are not met in
a timely or appropriate way for these young people.”
Claire Treadgold – National Programs and Services Manager, Can Teen Australia
eyeforpharma believes that the pharma industry must pay more attention to patient needs
across the board, and that teen cancer patients are a great place to start. To this end, the
organization is hosting its first annual Mobile Health Competition. The competition aims
to highlight new and exciting mobile apps that help teen cancer patients better manage
their conditions and improve their lives.
A ‘Global Superpanel’ loaded with teenage cancer survivors will choose the winning
“Young cancer patients have a lot to say as well as questions to ask, but struggle to find
quality information sources where they can express this. It is even harder to find an
innovative platform to visit. I believe a mobile app created exclusively for teenage cancer
patients would make their quest for information not just desirable, but also entertaining.
As such, the possibilities of this competition are really exciting.”
ŠarÅ«nas Narbutas, 23, living with Chronic Mielogenous Leukemia, board member of ECPC
The Mobile Health Competition is open to people working for pharmaceutical
companies, as well as advertising agencies, healthcare organizations, patients themselves
and the general public. The winner will receive $5,000 to donate to a cancer charity of
their choice, plus the opportunity to work with one of eyeforpharma’s partners to bring
the idea to fruition.
The Teenager Cancer Trust, patientslikeme, LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, and
a host of other charitable, patient, and mobile specialist companies have partnered with
eyeforpharma for the competition.
Simon Davies, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust said
“Teenage Cancer Trust is all about innovation and finding new ways of providing the
best possible care, support and information for young people with cancer. We’re very
excited about how digital channels are opening up a whole new world for the young
people we support. We look forward to seeing how entrants can harness the potential of
To learn more or to submit an idea, visit the Mobile Health Competition website
( ). The closing date for submissions is January 3, 2012.